Alinia (Nitazoxanide)

Alinia (Nitazoxanide)







Nitazoxanide: An Inclusive Guide and Buying Nitazoxanide Online

Nitazoxanide is a prescription medicine for the treatment of worm infections and diarrhea. You can buy nitazoxanide online after the prescription from the doctor by clicking on

To order this medicine, you require a smartphone or laptop with an internet connection. Simply, browse the website, add the medication to the cart and make the payment. Now, wait because Nitazoxanide will be delivered right to your doorstep.

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Nitazoxanide uses

Nitazoxanide is sold under the brand name called Alinia. When Alinia is broad-spectrum antiparasitic antiviral drug and broad-spectrum antiviral drug that is effective in the treatment of different protozoal, helminthic, and viral infections.

Nitazoxanide tablet helps to treat diarrhea in adults and children who are above the age of 1 year. This medication treats diarrhea which is caused by protozoa Giardia or Cryptosporidium.

It is important to understand that protozoa are believed as the cause when diarrhea lasts for more than 7 days. Depending upon the individual’s requirement, the doctor recommends different strengths of this medicine like Nitazoxanide 500 mg.

Both adults and children must take this medicine for the full time prescribed by the doctor without missing dosage.

The working mechanism of Nitazoxanide

Nitazoxanide belongs to the class of drugs known as antiprotozoal agents. This medicine works in your by obstructing the production of some chemicals and substances. These chemicals and substances are important for energy metabolism and the growth of the parasite.

In this way, the growth of certain protozoa is stopped that are responsible for causing diarrhea.

Before the oral administration of the Nitazoxanide tablet, it is always better to understand its working mechanism.

Increasing the efficacy of Nitazoxanide

You can buy nitazoxanide in tablet or liquid form. This medicine is taken by mouth and mainly with food after every 12 hours for 3 days regularly. When taking nitazoxanide in liquid form, it is important to shake the bottle well before every dose.

When measuring the medication’s liquid dose, make sure to use a special measuring spoon as the household spoon will give you the wrong dosage.

Children above the age group of 11 years or younger must take the liquid form of this medicine and not the tablets. For children, the doctor always recommends a dose based on their age.

Remember antibiotics work best only when the amount of medication in the body is maintained at a constant level. Make sure to take Nitazoxanide at evenly spaced intervals to attain its maximum benefits.

Even if your symptoms disappear after a few doses of this medicine, it is vital to continue your treatment with a Nitazoxanide tablet for a full prescribed time. Your infection might return if you do not follow the prescription of your doctor or stop taking this pill too early.

In case, your condition lasts for a long time or gets worse with time then immediately contact the doctor.

Missed dose

In case, you forget a dose of Nitazoxanide tablet then take it the moment you remember. But if it’s time for your next scheduled dose then avoid taking the missed dose.

If you double the dose just to make up for the missed dose, you will not get any benefits and instead suffer from severe side effects.


However, if you have overdosed and suffer from symptoms like passing out or trouble breathing then call your doctor or call a poison control center immediately.

US residents can give a call to their local poison control center, while Canada residents can give a call to the provincial poison control center.

Special precautions to consider before the treatment with Nitazoxanide

Before starting your treatment with Nitazoxanide, inform the doctor or healthcare provider about your allergic reactions. This medicine might contain some inactive ingredients that can lead to allergic reactions, so be careful.

Don’t forget to inform the doctor well in advance about your medical history, especially of a weakened immune system like an HIV infection. This will help the doctor to prescribe you the dosage of the medication accordingly.

When we ask for the nitazoxanide side effect it is the liquid form of Nitazoxanide contains sugar. Patients suffering from diabetes must be attentive and inform the doctor well in advance. Ask the doctor about using this drug safely so that can maximum benefits can be attained.

If you are a pregnant woman or planning a pregnancy, discuss this with the doctor once before taking this medicine. Consider all the benefits and risks linked with this medication.

Before breastfeeding, consult the doctor as it is still not known whether the medicine passes into the breast milk or not.

Drug interactions

Drug interactions have the power to alter how your medicines work or even increase the risk for severe side effects. Discuss with your doctor all other prescription drugs, non-prescription medicines, and herbal supplements that you take.
Knowing about other medicines you take beforehand will help the doctor to adjust the dosage of other drugs and accordingly recommend the dosage of Nitazoxanide tablet.

Without the approval of your doctor, you must not start, stop or change the dose of any medications.

Side effects of Nitazoxanide

Abdominal pain, headache, or nausea might be experienced while starting the treatment with Nitazoxanide. As these are common side effects, they might disappear once the medicine adjusts to your body.

A severe allergic reaction to this medicine is unusual. However, if you experience any symptoms of serious allergic reactions like trouble breathing, rash, itching or severe dizziness then meet the doctor immediately.

Although this is not the complete list of side effects, so discuss it with the doctor once.

Is it safe to take Nitazoxanide?

Nitazoxanide is absolutely safe to take in the dose and duration as directed by the doctor. Do not skip any dose and follow the instructions of your doctor carefully to avoid any kind of side effects.

Thus, you can deal with your medical conditions like viral infections and diarrhea easily with Nitazoxanide tablets under the supervision of a doctor.

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