September 2022

Nitazoxanide Ultimate Antibacterial and Viral

Nitazoxanide: the Ultimate Antibacterial Drug To Treat Diarrhea And Other Infections

Nitazoxanide is an antibacterial approved by the FDA and it falls under the category of thiazolides drugs. nitazoxanide is also an antiprotozoal, antiviral and antiparasitic medicine. The drug is effective against infections caused by viruses and protozoa like an...Continue reading

Published September 27, 2022

Nitazoxanide Anti-Parasitic Drug

Nitazoxanide: The Best Medicine to Treat Influenza and Viral Infections

Nitazoxanide is a broad-spectrum anti-parasitic drug used to treat protozoal and viral infections. The Lancet Infectious Diseases conducted a clinical trial and they say that taking 600mg of nitazoxanide 500mg helps reduce the symptoms of influenza. So, it’s also used to treat the symptoms...Continue reading

Published September 27, 2022

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